I'm a full-stack software engineer specializing in NextJS, Svelte, and TypeScript. Currently working with Perpetual. Collaborating with designers to bring their visions to life excites me, I thrive on building scalable, fluid, and performant front-end UIs. With a love for technology and continuous learning, I stay at the forefront of web development best practices. My dedication to crafting exceptional user experiences drives me to deliver innovative and visually appealing web applications.
Outside of work, I like to spend as much time as I can away from my laptop, traveling and getting outside with my camera. I most enjoy shooting with one of many older film cameras, such as my Canon A1 or Mamiya RZ67. A majority of the 2010s I spent as a freelance photographer shooting editorials, fashion, interiors and real-estate. I apply that critical and creative mindset from my photography to my work as an engineer. If you feel inclined to see my photo-work, you can do so on instagram.
Otherwise, I enjoy a Matcha latte, or if there's a swell, surfing at Rockaway Beach. ...yes, NYC actually has decent surf!